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Meet the Cast


Fortune teller, loner, loves machines, loves salt


Anna’s twin. Knife thrower, popular, late sleeper

Jebediah Tetanus

Jebediah Tetanus
Ringmaster, superstitious, bookworm


Snake charmer, flirt, very strong, squeaky voice


Kat’s assistant, teddy bear, sensitive


Head clown, surly, religious


Contortionist, star of the show, tight with Jebediah


Fire eater, Gideon’s girlfriend


Hooper, romantic, Cajun

Eve and Lynn

Conjoined twins, unofficial leader of the freaks, shifty


Three-armed woman, Eve and Lynn’s sidekick, tough love and loyalty


Mermaid, insists she’s a real mermaid, is she a real mermaid?


Bearded lady, quiet, has lots of dreams


Head roustabout, always tired


Roustabout, slacker, sweetheart

Bob Heston

Cook, drinks a lot of coffee

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About Spectacle:

Pragmatic engineer Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn’t believe in anything supernatural—until her twin sister Kat is murdered and comes back as a very demanding ghost. Sharing a room with her sister was hard, but now they’re sharing a body while trying to identify the killer. With few leads, a troupe full of secretive folk, and strange paranormal occurrences popping up around the circus, solving the case seems near impossible. But the murderer in their midst may be the least of their problems…

About Megan:

Megan Rose Gedris, aka Rosalarian, is a full time comics writer and artist based in Chicago. She started making webcomics in 2002, with a focus on women and LGBTQ characters and is mostly self-taught. She has been a traveling performer since 2012, and has had a lot of adventures on the road, none of them involving ghosts, but a few of them involving a lot of blood. She loves cheese. Like, really loves it.

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